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Strategist, Wordsmith, Forward-thinking, Collaborator,

Designer, Creative, and Mom

Hi there, I'm Kellie

My experiences as a web designer, SEO analyst, content strategist, writer, and blogger all led me to this community. Now, my time is spent working with small businesses to create a brand that tells their story, attract and convert customers, and set them apart from their competitors. 

I'm Kellie. A wordsmith, copyrighter, and much, much more. 

I have always loved a good book. And something that pulled me into the story and made me feel like I was sharing in the adventures of the characters. That is the mark of a good story. So why treat your brand any different? Your story is the most important one you can tell - so make it count. My passion for storytelling morphed into branding and content creation after spending time as an SEO analyst and Content Director in agency settings. What I was lacking was a true connection to business owners and the community. 

In 2018, I began working as a freelance copyrighter, creating connections and loyal clients. I grew my business and decided to make it official: Triad Creative was born. Creating a brand that speaks for itself shouldn't be overwhelming or daunting. 

Our comprehensive approach to branding helps you be seen, heard, and understood.

We work with you to focus on 3 crucial aspects of your brand: 

01. Branding

During our strategy session, we set the foundation of your brand, define keywords that are industry specific, and brainstorm how we can grow your business. 

02. Design

Once the foundation has been laid, we will design collateral, messaging, and assets that support your brand.

03. Content Strategy

What draws in your audience and what keeps them coming back for more? We will create brand messaging tools and provide creative direction for content creation and how to best make your mark.

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